Healthy Hair Care Tips

Scalp Problems Tony Maleedy

Follow these top tips to ensure the best care for your hair:

1. Wash your hair regularly. Your hair and scalp, like other parts of your body, needs to be washed to keep them healthy and for the hair to be looking its best. If you wash your hair daily, just one light wash will be enough.

2. A dry scalp, dandruff, irritation, lank-greasy hair, spots, inflammation, hair loss and much more can all be symptoms of an unhealthy scalp. Using the Tony Maleedy Juniper Mint Scalp Therapy Shampoo greatly improves the health of your scalp and can lead to enormous improvements to the condition of your hair and possibly to its ability to grow better. Use it frequently at first and then periodically when your scalp is healthy.

3. Your hair is greatly affected by what you eat. So try to have a healthy, well balanced diet. If you eat poor quality food, you can expect poor quality hair.

4. Avoid very cheap shampoos. Many are more like dish washing detergent and are extremely harsh on your hair making it dry, dull and brittle.

5. If you live, or are going somewhere hot, wear a hat to protect your hair (and more importantly, your scalp if your hair is thin) from the harmful rays of the sun. When on the beach, applying some conditioner to your hair will help to stop it from drying out.

6. Always wash your hair after swimming, the salt in seawater is drying and will dull the hair, and the chlorine in swimming pools can react with the hair causing it to become weak and brittle.

7. Avoid shampoos which are artificially thickened with salt (sodium chloride) as it can be very drying on the hair. If ‘sodium chloride’ is close to the top of the shampoo’s ingredient list, for example: Aqua, sodium laureth sulphate, sodium chloride, it means that a lot of salt has been used to thicken the product and it could leave the hair dry and dull.

8. If your hair is dry always use a conditioner after washing it, a little used regularly is much better than a lot used only now and then.

9. Let your hair dry naturally if possible. If you must use a blow-dryer keep it 6-8 inches away from your hair as it can greatly damage it if held too close.

10. As a rule, combing is better for your hair than brushing, and if you have dandruff avoid ‘scraping’ your scalp with a brush as this can make the problem much worse.11. If the air in your home or place of work is dry place a small bowl of water close by so that the air takes any required moisture from the water bowl rather than your hair.

12. If you are suffering from excessive hair loss try to avoid too much stress as this can cause, or exacerbate the problem. If stress is simply a part of your life try to neutralise the potentially harmful effects by getting plenty of exercise. Training and working out are excellent for your hair (as they are for all your body). Even gentle exercise such as walking is of great benefit.